3D Printer

The new 3D Printer arrived Thursday, Sept. 22. After set up we printed the test sample:

3d 3d1 3d2

Next a Minion was attempted. Because the Minion moved on the print bed, the print failed. The supports were also configured incorrectly.

m1 m2

Pistol Pete, a workshop project chosen by a participant, made it through a complete print. The default dimensions need to be adjusted as it is very fragile. So fragile, that it was nearly impossible to remove the support base.


Next returning to the blue filament. An attempt at a Mocking Jay ornament also chosen during the workshop, resulted in the realization that the blue feed/nozzle is in trouble. Eventually it there was no filament extruding.


Fearlessly, the nozzles and gear feed mechanism was disassembled. The blue filament should go straight through the mechanism, not curl around the gear.

trouble2   trouble3

Everything was put back together. Then a second attempt was made on the Mocking Jay.



Then there was a “network error”!


Sometime was spent discussing the issues with the tech. consultant Mr. Tang.

This resulted in a complete print!!! WHEW! (Sept. 29, 2016)




An attempt was made to use the right extruder. This resulted in:


A mess…. it is probably blocked again…

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