We are closed!

March 24, 2020


April 7, 2020

As per Marion County Emergency Public Health Order 20200323 closing all public gathering places, today from 4-8 pm 3/23/2020 will be our last open time until April 7.
At this time, we do not know whether delivery or curbside service will be allowed.

Coronavirus Information

As the global outbreak of COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation. We want to keep our patrons informed about the virus and the precautions the library is taking.

We have implement guidelines for the cleaning and operation, including:

  • Frequent cleaning measures in all areas of the library.
  • Requiring hand sanitizer use in order to use computers.
  • Eliminated the use of toys in the library.
  • Temporarily suspended the checkouts of STEM kits.
  • Hand sanitizer available at the main table.
  • Daily evaluation of upcoming programs and events.
  • Encouraging anyone who is sick to stay home.

Stay up-to-date with reliable information.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is making updates to their website as new information becomes available and has facts about the virus.

It is suggested that you:

  • Wash your hands often
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • Stay home when sick

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment website has daily updates and other resources to keep Kansans educated on COVID-19.

Staying home?

The Kansas Library Card is a fantastic option providing online access to audio and digital books, newspapers and more for all ages! We can help set that up for you.

Seed Library – Ready to Go!

This year we applied and received a Service Improvement Grant for the creation of a seed library!

The old card catalog will be used to house available seed for checkout! (We are so glad we kept it!)

A dehydrator, fine scale, seed and envelops have been purchased! The dehydrator will be used to save seed from local gardeners.

Several books have been purchased about saving seeds and it’s history – come check them out!


seed library is an institution that lends or shares seed. It is not a seed bank where the main purpose to store or hold seeds against possible destruction. The goal is disseminate them to the public, which preserves the shared plant varieties through propagation and further sharing of seed. Seeds do not hold their viability forever even in a vault.


Just as traditional libraries enrich a community by providing a way to share books, seed libraries enrich the gardening community by allowing gardeners to share seeds. There are many parallels.

Seed libraries offer a more efficient way to deploy community resources. They encourage experimentation, affording gardeners (or aspiring gardeners) a low-risk way to try something new. They provide a supported entrance into the gardening world for novices. And seed libraries support a kind-of botanical literacy, teaching people what different plants look like and how they grow.

Seed libraries also support information sharing and preservation. Gardening is a localized knowledge, built through experience. While written guidelines can be helpful, person-to-person information sharing is how gardeners can learn how to be successful in their own unique environments.

Locally, we know about the Turkey Red Wheat. Today, a vast number of modern wheat varieties grown in Kansas can be genetically traced to Turkey Red. The state is one of the world’s top wheat producing regions today largely due to the legacy of winter wheat varieties like Turkey Red.


How we anticipate the Seed Library working                          ~~FLEXIBLE~~

  • All kinds of seed donations – either commercially packaged (left over seed) and saved heirloom seeds
    • The saved seed will include a form providing information such as variety, harvest year and location, contact information and growing notes.
  • Repackage donations into small envelopes with attached information label. (suggested: between 9-15 seeds per packet depending on seed size)
  • Sort packets into card catalog and list on excel sheet to maintain inventory.
  • “Check out” seeds to patrons with no strings attached – in the hopes that perhaps some will be willing to bring seeds back to grow the library.

Hoping for?            

Seed donations!

Hoping to tap into some of the local heritage seed collections!

Volunteers to help stock, package etc.

Come talk to us if you have any questions, or ideas, would like to volunteer time or donate seeds!


Libraries ROCK! Summer Reading Program 2018

Goessel Public Library encourages children to learn and be creative with their Libraries ROCK program.
The library combines music and reading activities to keep students reading over the summer. This summer program makes sure kids won’t hit another brick in the wall when they get back to school.

We started the program in an exploration of stringed instruments.


Then transitioned to ROCKETS –cause libraries can rock(et) too!

For our third event we did some experimentation with air or wind instruments.

This week we Rocked Rhythm instruments!



Check out our Facebook Page for a video of the steel drum in action!

We’ve also been rocking “I Know a Chicken!” and “Baby Shark”

What will we do for our final Summer Reading Program event? I’m sure we will have a ROCKING good time!



Registration for activities and prizes are requested but not required. We will never turn away a reader! Prizes will be distributed until they are gone.


AFTER all the prizes have been earned, then for every level reached the reading will receive a raffle ticket for the item of their choice pictured below. The last day to receive raffle tickets will be August 6, 2018. The winners of the raffles will be notified to come receive their prize!  There will be one pizza raffled for both the Preschool through 5th and the youth. Only youth will be eligible for the iTunes gift card.

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