In the beginning, it was the Goessel Book Club that sponsored the City Library, located in a room in the Goessel City Building—current Fire Station.  The Book Club met from the late 1940’s until 1995.  Dr. A. K. Ratzlaff donated the card catalog and books were donated by Book Club members.  On April 18, 1966, the first purchases were made for the library.

1997 Summer Reading Goessel Library
Summer reading program story time around 1997 located in the fire station. Librarian – Kim Funk

Club members were scheduled to serve at the library on Saturdays between 2-5 p.m.  If it was not possible for a member to serve, a high school student would be contacted and paid at the cost of 50 center per hour.

The library became a participating library in the North Central Kansas Libraries rotating book circuit.  The book van’s first visit was Oct. 29, 1966.

In June 1999, the library was moved into the new Goessel Civic Center providing room for a children’s area, reading area, and computer stations.

Library Mural for children’s area created and painted by Fern Bartel. With design input by Beth Miller Schultz.