Summer Reading #3 – Build a Better World

This week we are back to building AND using our imagination. Our focus was on the Eiffel Tower. Preschoolers used straws to create their towers. K-5th grades did a STEM activity – built towers out of gum drops and tooth picks! They were very creative – no two towers were the same! However, we did learn that triangles are the strongest shape. The Eiffel Tower was built with a lot of triangles – in fact the skeleton of the Statue of Liberty also has a lot of triangles. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was a French civil engineer and architect. Eiffel designed both the skeleton and the Eiffel Tower as well as a number of other bridges for the French railway network, most famously the Garabit viaduct. The Eiffel Tower built for the 1889 World’s Fair was only supposed to stand for 20 years! It’s scientific usefulness saved it as it was used by French scientists to study astronomy, meteorology, aerodynamics and physiology and test experiments such as Foucault’s Pendulum and the radio


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