Steam Camp – Water Beads #4

Today was our last camp experimenting with water beads. We evaluated the beads that were dehydrated and the dehydrated diaper stuffing. Then we tasted some edible beads – tapioca. They pretty much don’t have a taste but they sure are sticky.

Dehydrated stuff from inside of a (clean) diaper
Completely dehydrated plain water (small beads down to original size) and salt water beads

Eatable water beads (Tapioca)
Some of us liked them and some didn’t


For our last experiment, we looked at beads that were frozen at different times today. There wasn’t any discernible difference between the ones put in the freezer at 9:30 am or 12 :30 pm. The ones that were put in at 3:30 pm were frozen hard on the outside but not all the way through. These beads thawed really quickly. All the beads were damaged by freezing. They cracked and were broken.

Beads frozen for 1 hour
Beads frozen at 12:30 pm


Finally we got to take beads home as nightlights. The beads were put in water bottles with glow sticks. We tried to make it dark enough in the library to see them. They will probably look better at night.

Bottle lit up with a glow stick and water beads inside – can’t really get the library much darker during the daytime.

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