STEAM Camp – Water Beads #3

Thurday, Feb 23, we experimented with the material inside of a diaper. It acts very similar to the water beads but the beads are much smaller.

Diaper filling hydrated
Powder from inside the diaper on the left of the diaper. Hydrated powder on the right.

Looking at how the beads from different solutions are dehydrating, it looks like the beads in the Coke are dissolving and getting smaller. The Coke is not evaporating like the other liquids even though it was poured off just like the others. It also is growing mold and smells “yeasty”. The beads that were in the tonic water are sticky while the beads from the salt water are crusty with salt covering the outside.

The dehydrating experiment – clockwise from the left – broken large beads, plain water, tonic water, salt water, and Coke.


Then we experimented with the beads is shaving cream. This was a lot of fun! Smashing them resulted in what looked like different colors of jello in whip cream – BUT we didn’t eat it! That will be next week (eatable beads)!




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