Steam Camp – Water Beads #2

Today at STEAM Camp we compared the hydration of the beads in different solutions; water, salt water, tonic water and Coke. We looked to see if our grass seed was growing – it looked like there were some tiny roots developing but it was hard to see with the green water. We will try this again with wheat seed. We worked together to sort the beads counting the different colors. The beads look really neat separated into their colors – we especially liked the different shades of blue.
Results: Large beads – water 2 inches, 2.7 oz; tonic water 1 inch, .7 oz; salt water 1/2 inch, .2 oz. Small beads (too light to weigh) – water 1 cm, tonic water 3/4 cm, salt water 1/2 cm, Coke 7/8 cm (just smaller than water).


Salt Water
Plain water
Complete stress balls – just need to tie the knots.
Grass experiment – only the seeds that are on top of the water beads are growing now.
Reading Rainbow Fish
Making a Rainbow Fish
Sorting the water beads
Sorting activity
Weighing the beads from the different solutions


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