STEAM Camp- Water Beads #1

Thursday was our first STEAM Camp here at the library. The kids walked over from the elementary school and then the fun began!

This month we are doing experiments and activities with water beads.

First we evaluated whether there were differences in size depending on when water was added to the beads and whether that water was hot or cold. And yes there definitely was difference in size in respect to time but there wasn’t a difference whether the water was cold or warm.

Next we put water bead in balloons and filled them with water. These will make exercise or stress balls when the water beads are hydrated. We discovered that 1/4 tsp. is way too many beads to add – 1/8 tsp. is optimal.

Then we put grass seed in the water with the water beads. Sadly, the grass was dyed so the water color was changed to green! This could make it difficult to see the roots grown. So we will redo this experiment with wheat seed.

Finally, we were free to experience the water beadsĀ on our own. They bounce really well, are a lot of fun to smash and are really neat to look at with a flashlight beam shining through! Some of the water beads are jumbo sized!

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