The Lightsaber (Part 1)

Today was a no school day, so there was a lot of action at the library with over 40 patron visits!

The 3D Printer also ran constantly today. We are excited to see a student attempt a multi piece project – the Lightsaber! The saber was printed in six files with sometimes up to three items printing at once. Isaac loaded and sized his project on his home computer, bringing the files in on a flash drive. After loading on to our program, I double checked the filament side (PLA) and added a raft to each piece. Originally, we planned to print the small pieces without the raft but were unsuccessful. If they are too small the filament doesn’t adhere to the bed which results in a jumbled mess.


Here the small parts have been printed and we are watching the lightsaber’s handle print. This was the biggest file taking an hour and a half to print. The whole project took just over 3 hours for all six files.


Isaac will be taking the pieces home to glue together and paint. You can see that he has removed some of the raft on the small pieces. He will be researching adhesive and paint options – check back to see the finished project!

Drop by and print a project of your own!


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